Monday, July 20, 2009

Making Mama Proud!

The way I shop is sporadic. My mother always told me to buy things that will go with the rest of your wardrobe. I agree with her, what mother isn't right. However that doesn't make me listen to her! I bought these cute shoes on a short trip to London in a vintage shop, with nothing to put them with. But when I took them home, they were the perfect match for my floral bandeau from Urban Outfitters! The small heel makes my little legs look less stumpy!

The outfit was complete with this blazer from Stockholm. I imagine the person wearing it from the "Academy of Travel Tourism" might have worn it to many exotic places, it's probably better travelled than I am! After all that I can finally justify my impulse buying to my mom!


  1. love your blazer and the emblem (for lack of better word ) on the breast ..

    my mom always said the same thing to me ..
    so true , i think about that now . especially when i buy shoes . cuz thats where my money really goes into

  2. the dress is lovely :)
    By the way a mutual friend of ours the dear aoife kelly-coonz said you and your boy may be interested in a project I'm doing on couples.

    Just have a read of my latest post :)

    Dean x